Diesel Force™ Electronic Component Controller

The Diesel Force Electronic Component Controller was developed to optimize the Emissions Cleaning process. It has the ability to control anything from an analog component to the more recent CAN-based devices.

In late model diesel applications, the EGR valve is typically closed at idle. This takes away the opportunity for a thorough cleaning of the circuit without disassembly. In order to get by this problem, the Controller continuously cycles the EGR valve through its full range of motion during the cleaning process. A steady feed of foam is then able to make its way throughout the system.

Like the EGR valve, today’s variable geometry turbos tend to stay in one position at idle. Similarly, this scenario prevents an effective cleaning. To overcome the issue, the Controller runs the turbo back and forth through its full span during the cleaning process. This action enables the foam to reach places within the turbo that wouldn’t ordinarily be accessible. It’s especially helpful with one-piece nozzle ring turbos, which are known for collecting carbon in their central housings. Driving the nozzle ring back and forth gives users the ability to push foam to this problem area. A stuck turbo can be freed using this technique.

Accompanying the Controller is software that allows visibility to select parameters. These include Commanded and Actual positions of both the EGR valve and turbo. In an industry first, the user is also able to see Turbo Actuator Load. This parameter is the only indicator available for determining turbo cleanliness without disassembly. An average actuator load of over 55% on nozzle ring style turbos is indicative of carbon loading. As part of the Diesel Force training, technicians are taught to use this tool to identify the need for additional cleaning in high idle and severe duty applications. System voltage at the turbo actuator is another parameter that has been added to diagnose vehicles with electrical issues. Software can be supplied on an optional tablet or simply downloaded to your shop’s device at no cost.

The Controller is shipped in a foam insulated case along with the cable adapters needed to connect with the specific engine applications you have. A complete list of available cable adapters can be found on the Equipment Tab of the Diesel Force website. The list includes today’s most common Highway platforms as well as a growing list of Off-Highway applications. New applications are added to both categories on a monthly basis. Like the Diesel Force Delivery Systems, the Controller can be adapted to any modern diesel with an electronic EGR valve and/or turbo. If your application isn’t listed, please send an inquiry through the Diesel Force website and we’ll be glad to look into it with you.