Diesel Force™ Delivery Systems

Our system is designed to easily connect to your diesel engines. The Diesel Force Diesel Emissions System Tool applies a powerful foaming cleanser directly into the EGR circuit using only shop air. As the foam passes through the system it dissolves accumulated soot and carbon deposits, allowing it to pass harmlessly through the exhaust system and out with the exhaust gases.

Diesel Force™ B1500

If you need to clean both small displacement and large displacement (18.0 Liter) diesel engines, the B1500 is the tool of choice. Made in the USA with robust Powdercoated steel, high-quality materials and components. The easy to use dash interface, with durable toggle action controls requires only shop air and Diesel-Force EGR and induction cleaner for operation.

Diesel Force™ B1500-X

The B1500X is designed for larger displacement engines and vehicles that operate within extreme conditions. High idle hours, low average speed and minimal power demand greatly reduce your engines combustion efficiency, therefore, producing more soot which in turn leads to heavy carbon build up. The B1500 platform, produced with larger product capacity and enhanced flow, is able to push through the dirtiest exhaust systems

Diesel Force™ B1400

Your diesel engines may be smaller but are every bit as dirty. The B1400 is lighter and portable with the capacity to clean up to a 9.0 Liter engine. A versatile option for many situations, made with the same robust materials as its bigger brothers.