Diesel Force™ Industrial Hand Sanitizer

Diesel Force™ is proud to be your partner in fleet maintenance, helping to provide the peace of mind that your vehicles will remain on the road when you need them most.
In the face of these difficult times, we would like to help ensure your vehicles stay at peak performance, and keep you and your dedicated, essential workforce safe and healthy.
With that goal in mind, the Diesel Force™ team has established the connections required to supply you with much needed Ethanol-based Industrial Sanitizer to help prevent the spread of costly illness.

80% Ethanol Industrial Sanitizer is not only effective at killing germs on hands, but also the following surfaces in your vehicles:

  • Soft Surfaces (cloth, vinyl, leather* and non-wovens)
  • Deco Trims
  • Chromed Accents
  • Controls: e.g. Knobs and Buttons
  • A/B Pillars
  • Non-leather Steering Wheels
  • Plastic Grab Handles
  • Painted or Enameled Metal Surfaces: e.g. Exterior Door Handles
  • Unpainted Metal Surfaces: e.g. Exterior Metal Grab Handles
  • Exterior Decals: e.g. Window Blackout Film

How to Purchase

Please visit our Webstore to purchase Diesel Force Industrial Sanitizer, or contact us by phone at 1-866-204-9801.