Comprehensive Diesel Maintenance Program

Save up to 90% on Your Diesel Emissions System Maintenance Costs


Completely Cleans Entire:

  • EGR Circuit
  • Oil System
  • Fuel System

The Diesel Force™ Maintenance Program is a revolutionary cleaning system designed exclusively for diesel engines equipped with modern emissions systems. Powerful products work together for comprehensive cleaning results. This program will significantly reduce filter regeneration and emissions system component failures.

Our full-time staff is committed to helping you find a solution to your unique situations.

Stop Replacing EGR valves, EGR coolers, VGTs, and DPFs. Maintain them with Diesel ForceTM

*Times are dependent upon engine size and soot load.

See the Results!

EGR Cooler

EGR Valve

Grid Heater

Remove soot, optimize efficiency, extend engine life

The Revolutionary EGR System Cleaner steals the show with unbelievable results! This unique solvent-free product is formulated to safely dissolve carbon buildup on contact. It is designed to restore your diesel engine back to factory conditions.

Rapidly expanding high volume foam is delivered simultaneously into the intake and exhaust side of the engine with our patented Diesel Force™ equipment. Buildup is removed from the inner surfaces and passageways of the induction system and all major emissions system components.

Features & Benefits

  • Decreases unscheduled down-time
  • Significantly reduces replacement part costs
  • Removes particle buildup from EGR and Induction System
  • Cleans the EGR cooler, reducing intake air temperature
  • Scrubs the DOC and DPF, reducing regeneration cycles
  • Increases turbo speed and boost, which increases efficiency
  • Smooths rough idle and improves performance
  • Cleans differential pressure sensor ports and grid heaters
  • Extends engine life

Reduce carbon build-up by at least 60% and control water at the same time

Ultimate 11's cutting edge formula contains components that are not found in other products. The proprietary surfactant reduces the fuel droplet size by a factor of eight, making the combustion process more efficient -- maximizing power and reducing soot. Ultimate 11 utilizes hydrogen polar bonding to chemically bond with water, thereby carrying the water through the combustion process. Don't deal with water, eliminate it.

Features & Benefits

  • Significantly reduces regenerations
  • Greatly improves combustion efficiency
  • Removes water and microbes
  • Boosts Cetane - 4 to 6 points
  • Contains a full winter package, ensuring reliability in severe weather
  • Prevents injector deposits from building up
  • Greatly reduces corrosion
  • Minimizes fuel oxidization
  • Dissolves gum and varnishes
  • Improves fuel lubricity
  • Stabilizes fuel and diminishes biodiesel degradation

Reduce particulate emissions in one step

Diesel Force™ Injector Cleaner is a "One-Tank Cleanup" unique maximum strength product for cleaning both external and internal diesel fuel injector deposits. Rapidly and safely dissolve carbon, gums, varnishes and other combustion by-product deposits from fuel injectors and the combustion change. The cleaner dissolves away Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDID) that plug internal passages on today's High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel systems.

No tool is required to clean your injectors with this revolutionary product. Simply add the appropriate amount to the engine's fuel supply. Within minutes poor injector spray patterns are restored and engine "chatter" is gone.

Features & Benefits

  • Removes carbon from injector tips
  • Dissolves metal contaminants through direct reaction
  • Eliminates biodiesel oxication accumulation (salt layers)
  • Restores jet penetration
  • Reinstates spray symmetry
  • Increases power and torque

Clean the entire oil system with this Extraordinary Synthetic Oil System Cleaner

The vapor action of this product used in conjunction with a quality API licensed Heavy Duty Motor Oil will ensure the engine is running at its highest efficiency. The cleaner decreases blowby, removes oil contaminants and keeps critical surfaces clean.

Following the use of EGR and Induction System Cleaner, an oil change is required. Add Diesel Force™ Oil System Cleaner to the engine before an oil change, circulate in the oil system for approximately 15 minutes, and drain along with the used oil. This product is formulated with premium quality base oils to carry powerful detergents and high quality dispersant additives.

Features & Benefits

  • Removes particle build up in ring lands, reduces cylinder wear
  • Greatly reduces crankcase loading
  • Eliminates cold start issues related to HEUI style injectors
  • Restores compression and reduces blow-by
  • Contains no damaging solvents
  • Vapor action cleans hard to reach passageways
  • Restores cylinder balance
  • Extends engine life

Our Equipment Gives You Complete Control

Technology drives innovation. When you have powerful cutting-edge products that will transform industry expectations, you design a delivery system and stand behind it.

The VGT & EGR Controller cycles both the EGR valve and the turbo continuously through their full range of motion. When used in conjunction with any of our Delivery Systems, this tool provides for optimal system cleaning.

Our custom interface enables the technician to monitor key parameters while our state of the art EGR & Induction System Cleaner is delivered. We strive to "reset" your engine, allowing it to perform as it did when new.

Our System Utilizes Revolutionary Patented Equipment

Diesel Force™ Delivery Systems propel our EGR & Induction System Cleaner through the engine's emissions circuit with our unique engine specific adapters. Core to the program is our belief in restoring OEM standards. We temporarily "adapt" to the emissions system, give it a complete internal cleaning and "reset" it back to those standards.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to perform procedure with incredible results
  • Small displacement or large displacement engines are not a problem
  • Wide variety of adapters available to suit the needs of today's diesel engines
  • Cleans both sides of the EGR circuit simultaneously
  • Continuous development and innovation driven by your needs
  • Three different machine sizes to meet the needs of your engine

Custom Diesel Force™ Kits Can be Made For Any Engine

Kits for large and small displacement engines. We package one vehicle per box.

We make kits according to your needs. We can address your unique situation.

Diesel Force™ Cleans Your Engine's Systems Efficiently and Affordably

  • EGR Cooler
  • EGR Valve
  • Induction System
  • Exhaust side of turbo
  • DPF
  • DOC
  • Ring Lands
  • Valves

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